The requirements for Basketball Irelands new website was to make it sleek, attractive and modern as befits a sport that’s hugely popular among schools and youth in Ireland. Their previous website had struggled with traffic as their news section wasn’t archiving their information.
SportLoMo took on this project concentrating on three main areas

•    The site would be mobile responsive across all platforms.
•    Their news area would be split into different sections and not every news item would appear on the home page.
•    Player statistics would be made a little more exciting than just reams of data.

Total Basketball Solution – Manage your schedule, umpiring, scoring, stats and basketball membership all on the one program.

Basketball Ireland fully smartphone compatible

NEWS AREA – News tags such as International, National League, Development & Area Boards

A tagging system was put in place whereby every news item posted would have a content tag that would allocate news articles to different news sections contained within the site. News tags such as International, National League, Development, Area Boards etc were created to allow the viewer focus in much quicker in areas of interest to him/her. Not every news item is of interest to viewers of the homepage so we also implemented an extra tag called home page which only allowed certain news items to filter through.
So an all ‘news page’ was created which shows the four latest news items for each news section and we designed a series of quick links that will move selected news areas immediately to the top of the page at the touch of a button.

BASKETBALL PLAYER STATISTICS – Box scores and season averages

Perhaps in no other sport is there such an interest in player statistics. Box scores and season averages are essential viewing for your Basketball fan. To cater for this we created two extra features.


The first was to try and personalize and bring more recognition to the players that take part in the Basketball Ireland national leagues, as many player portraits as possible were sourced and displayed alongside their personal statistics. This proved to be very popular and next year we hope to capture everyone’s photo by hosting a round of matches in the National Basketball arena where we can capture as many player pics as possible.


The second area was to bring a bit more visibility to the best performing players rather than a large bank of tabular data, so a top 5 was created for the leagues with players and club logos in all the most important categories. The site statistics are only as good as the information that’s inputted so we would like to thanks all the National clubs who logged in every weekend and inputted their stats and scores to produce this feature.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE WEBSITE – Displays on all Devices, Tablet, Desktop, Mobile Phone

This was very important as matches for the national leagues were often on Friday and Saturday nights where often people have less access to a PC than on weekdays. Our site statistics tell us that over 65% of our visitors log in on a mobile/tablet platform so responsive design was essential for the website.

Sample Govering body Mobile Responsive website, Basketball Ireland – developed by Sportlomo web development team.


All in all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Basketball Ireland administration have informed us that the site is up over 30% on page impressions since last year and has been generally well received. Further upgrades are due for next year such as the creation of mobile responsive stats to make it easier for clubs to run live statistics as the match progresses.
Well done to the Basketball Ireland team (,
John Lee
Business Development Manager

SportLoMo | Sports Manager