Big Data and Innovation in Sport Software

Innovation, Big Data and Digital are the current ‘sweet spot’ for enterprise. But, these three focal points are also the ‘sweet spot’ for global sport.

All three are directly linked to each other and in the context of sport, whether elite, community or somewhere in between, a good combination of these three focal points is critical to both strategy design and execution.

The combination of Big Data, Digital and Innovation strategy and execution gets us closer to customers, closer to the community and closer to winning the big games and gold medals we desire.

Governing organisations around the world are typically tasked with increasing participation and increasing performance (aka winning!).

We are seeing some fantastic examples of ‘the sweet spot’ for sport with the work IBM’s been doing with tennis, the wearable devices like Electrozyme and Catapult we’re seeing in both the consumer and elite sector, and many companies concentrating on ‘connecting with fans’.

An example of the ‘sweet spot’ for sport: IBM’s Australian Open Slamtracker.

These and numerous other examples are great to see as they strengthen the sporting ecosystem at large.

The opportunity to diversify revenue models, deliver greater value to customers or even predict the performance and injury outcomes of our top sports athletes presents a massive opportunity for sports technology innovative companies.

And there is always going to be a role for the delivery of unique value in sport, or any other industry for that matter.

So the role of innovation in sport, is really about strengthening and growing the entire ecosystem, as well as continually increasing the value that participants (athletes, teams, organisations, sponsors, fans, media etc.) within the global sporting ecosystem receive.

For this to occur, within new or existing organisations, the combination of solid strategy, with the skills and resources to execute on Big Data, Digital and ultimately the delivery of Innovation are needed.

The Sportlomo team follow all the latest innovations in performance technology, sports IT, sports players measurement, nutrition and anything that gives us an edge on the field, pitch, court, grounds, pool and track.

SportLoMo thinks of itself as an innovative technology company contributing to the participation of grassroots sports.

The team enjoy working at the cutting edge of sports software and helping little leagues, colleges, schools and teams maximise their impact in their community.