Cycling to work a winner in the UK and Ireland

A new survey into the Cycle to Work scheme in the UK has revealed that 77% of employers consider the initiative to have had a positive impact on their organisation.

cycle to work scheme UK and Ireland

The scheme was introduced to Ireland in 2009 and extended for a further five years in April of this year.  It allows employees to get a €1,000 bike tax free if bought through their employer.

Major residential schemes such as at Cherrywood in South Dublin are putting cycling high on their transport agenda and there is likely to be continued government support, backed by business if the results of the UK survey were replicated here.

Key findings of the report which was conducted among 13,148 employees and 352 employers include:

  •   86% of employees believe that cycling to work has led to health benefits.
  •   Of those who had noticed health benefits, 89% believed that it had improved general fitness; 52% believed that it had contributed to weight loss; and 46% believed that it had contributed to them being less stressed.
  •   77% of employers consider that the scheme has had a positive impact on their organisation in relation to employee health.
  •   Over half of employers (56%) identified improving staff wellbeing as the main motivator for offering the scheme.
  •   60% of employees participating in the scheme believe that cycling to work has improved their productivity at work.
  •   52% of employers agree that the scheme plays an important role in staff engagement, emphasising the wider benefits to the workplace.

Sport for Business is involved on the advisory board for the new Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership.  We will be working with progressive employers to help them to help the city to become a healthier place to work, as well as to live or visit.

Cycling and walking are the most efficient and healthiest forms of commuting and Coca Cola’s sponsorship of the Dublin Bike Scheme show a way towards how smart business and smart cities can work together to good effect.

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