Our Friends at Elverys get ready for Elverys Sports Connemarathon

Get Inspired for the Elverys Sports Connemarathon 2015

Connemara Marathon

With 7 weeks to go to the Elverys Sports Connemarathon and miles to run, preparation is important to remain positive and upbeat about your training. If you are sitting on the fence about signing up hopefully this might inspire you to do so.

With entries in the event starting off with as little as 73 in its first year and growing to in excess of 3,000 in 2014, the numbers speak for themselves. Not only is the Elverys Sports Connemarathon the biggest athletics event in the west of Ireland, but it is also an international affair with enthusiasts travelling from all over the world. In 2014 participants came from 28 countries to experience the stunning course.

There is a huge sense of support and comradery on what is a meandering and unforgettable journey through breath taking Irish countryside. Find yourself surrounded by bogs, hills, lakes, mountain ranges and even a couple of cheeky sheep. A half (13.1 miles), full (26.2 miles) and ultra (39.3 miles) marathon will each take place on Sunday 12th April 2015 from various start locations. With three distances Connemarathon has something for everyone.

You need to be both mentally and physically strong to be a distance runner and Don Hannon has proven this on numerous occasions, most notably his 2015 win of the Art O’Neill Ultra Challenge – a self navigation race from Dublin Castle to Glenmalure through the Wicklow Mountains with a 2a.m. start time. As well as being strong you need to be motivated. Don came 2nd in an ultra distance 100 mile race in Connemara in 2014, beating the previous year’s winning time and setting the 20th fastest time in the world, so he knows a thing or two about inspiration.

Don has a real love of the course in Connemara and following completion of the 100 mile race he wrote that he felt “humbled, inspired, gratitude and respect”. Don had led the race from mile 36 to mile 83, but  finished second in the end.

“Sometimes the other person is just stronger and what will be will be. If you do your best, that’s what counts”. With the winner passing him to take the lead, Don pulled him back to shake his hand; this setting is not about winning or losing it is about friendship, hard work and togetherness.”

“As runners we all need to understand we are always learning and progressing.  Some days it all goes well and other days not so well. The main thing is you are on the journey of becoming the runner you aspire to be. Rather than get caught up in times and splits too much sometimes, you have to remind yourself why you are doing all the hard miles and training”.

With long distances to be covered there are bound to be some tough moments; here’s Don’s advice.

“Remember it’s all a journey so try and take some time to really enjoy the magnificent landscape that‘s on offer. It doesn’t really get better than racing in one of the most scenic and beautiful parts of Ireland with rolling hills in every direction. What a race and what a place to run around for 100 miles or any distance for that matter. Best wishes to anyone who is taking part in the Connemarathon 2015!”

You can register for the 2015 Elverys Sports Connemarathon here.