European Open Netball Championship 2015

Biggest ever netball tournament outside of a world championship. 

Best of luck to @netballni this weekend in the European Open Championship. Let’s hope home advantage spurs you on.

Nine top netballing nations taking part in the biggest ever netball tournament outside of a world championships from the 14th to 17th May. 2015).

European Open Netball Championship

Netball Northern Ireland, sponsored by Sports Manager | Sportlomo

Netball Teams

Teams from England(3rd), South Africa (6th),Wales(8th),Trinidad and Tobago (9th), Scotland (11th), Northern Ireland(12th), Ireland(28th) Switerzland (30th)  and Malta(36th), all competing across 4 days of full competition.

This event is an action plethora of fast paced netball action, showcasing the elite netball game.

Good Luck to all involved from SportLomo | Sports Manager


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