Integrated, multi-lingual platform (no third party add on’s).

  • Member Registration which includes Split Payments i.e. each layer of the organisation gets paid directly from one member’s card transaction.
  • Coach Education / Learning Management
  • Event Registration
    • Club Registration
    • Team / Tournament Registration
    • Donations
    • Training Events
    • Events sold to public users or restricted to registered members
    • Events restricted by member category, age or gender
  • Team, Club, Tournament Registration
  • Payments (including Split Payments)
  • Competition and Game Management
  • Referee/Umpire/Coaches and Game Official Management
  • Website Development / CMS and Management
  • Statistics Recording, Ranking, Top Scores etc.
  • Electronic Team Rosters (panels/squads)
  • Injury tracking & Discipline Reporting
  • Live Scoring by official scorekeepers
  • Game Management App
  • SMS / Text Messaging
  • Email Notifications
  • Attendance Tracking / Contact Tracing (covid-19)

SportLoMo can turn on/off above modules appropriate for each layer of your organisation (see image below).  Many our our sports introduce modules on a phased basis.

All updates and new functionality is available to all our users at no additional cost.

We work with large National Sports organisations down to club level, but our company began its journey working with Provincial Governing bodies with a focus on Competition and Game Management.  Our system has been designed to manage a large number of grass roots games and complexity.  The number of games at grassroots level increases enormously compared to national games.   Sportlomo has demonstrated the flexibility to have many different configurations available to address different rules in different districts/regions (even within the one sport), facilitating this additional complexity.

Modules are developed by our team on our one core platform. Many sports software companies have bought other software to close a gap in the services they provide, but in many situations there can be difficulties trying to integrate these different platforms.

Our software continues to evolve.  We are continuously developing new modules and expanding current functionality at the request of our sports. Our Road Map is led by our experience of working with our sports partners.  We leverage the ideas/needs of all of our customers to define best in class solutions with a focus on flexibility and innovation and this in turn future-proof’s the system for our customers.

Sample Provincial User Dashboard

SportLoMo Provincial User Dashboard