Leinster Hockey mobile friendly website

Sport Name:  Leinster Hockey

Type: Hockey Association

Location:  Leinster

Web Address: https://www.leinsterhockey.ie/

The Leinster Hockey Association Limited (LHA) is responsible for hockey and its promotion and development in the province of Leinster.  While the association was founded in 2011 following the merger of the Leinster Branch Irish Hockey Association (LBIHA), Leinster Ladies Hockey Union (LLHU) and the South East (SE) Branch, both the LBIHA and LLHU can be dated back as far as 1901 and the South East was formed in the 1930’s. Currently there are over 40 clubs and 90 schools playing hockey under the auspices of the LHA.  The association also has 10 Inter-provincial teams.