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Ontario Rural Softball, Slo-Pitch, Provincial Women's, OASA Softball Associations

Softball Ontario has 120,000 softball members across its four Member Associations.

Softball Ontario, the sport governing body for softball in Ontario, has four member associations within the provincial organisation, Softball Ontario is in turn a member of Softball Canada

  • Ontario Rural Softball Association
  • Slo-Pitch Ontario
  • Provincial Women’s Softball Association of Ontario
  • OASA Ontario Amateur Softball Association

Softball Ontario is the recognized provincial sport governing body for softball in Ontario. Softball Ontario’s role is to promote and develop the sport of Softball.

In 1971, Softball Ontario was created, bringing together the three charter member associations (Ontario Amateur Softball Association, Provincial Women’s Softball Association, Ontario Rural Softball Association) to form one provincial body to work for the betterment of softball in Ontario. In 1992, a fourth member association (Slo-Pitch Ontario Association) joined Softball Ontario to complete the softball picture in Ontario.

At present, Softball Ontario is the developmental sector of the sport, by providing various technical programs for the player, coach, umpire and statistician; whereas the four member associations deal with the operational aspects of the sport through regional or zone and provincial championships.

There are 3 Types of Softball Played in Ontario…….

  1. Fast Pitch Softball
  2. Slo-Pitch Softball
  3. Orthodox Softball

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