Event Management System and Dublin Ladies Gaelic

Dublin Ladies Gaelic now offer all their coaching and referee courses for sale on their website using the Sportlomo Event Management system.

Dublin Ladies Gaelic Event Management

Level 1 Coaching Course Event: Buy Online

SportLoMo’s Event Management system can allow
  • The customer to set up and edit their own events and courses – their is no need to wait for a 3rd party supplier to create them.
  • The ability to create event groups and types such as merchandise, tickets, courses etc.
  • Waiting (wait) lists for oversubscribed events.
  • Discounts, early birds etc are all available for customers.
  • Extensive financial reporting features for each event.
  • The ability to offer events to only certain sections of your membership.
  • Priority emails to preferred buyers – generate a priority booking email for preferred customers before opening the same up to the public.
  • The ability to email these customers through the system – again no need for 3rd party software like Mailchimp etc.

Click to see courses on Offer on DLG website on 20th Nov 2019

Dublin Ladies Gaelic Training and Referee Courses for sale online

The event management system can be extended for use with a full learning management support system where members can upload credentials such as Police vetting, First Aid, CPD courses.

  • Members can upload ‘credentials’ to their record and apply for accreditation from the overall body.
  • Expiry dates can be added to these accreditations and the member can be automatically reminded at pre-selected times that their expiry date is coming close.
  • Members can apply for advanced courses and the system can check if the individual has the required accreditation to undertake this course
  • Specific courses can only be signed up to by the member (if they have the necessary membership levels to undertake it).
  • Certificates/awards etc can be generated by the administrator for successful participation.
  • Tutors can log in and input attendance sheets.
  • Tutors can also mark the records of the attendees and these results will be automatically emailed to the attendee.

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