youth soccer players in action


  • Sportlomo platform is multi-lingual.
  • ‘Competition & League Management’ is our forte.  Large leagues with countless games is our speciality!  We do all the setup.
  • You get a ‘Live’ feed of scores, schedule, standings, team rosters direct to your website (no human intervention required!).  Your games schedule is always up to the minute.
  • Assign your Referee and Game Officials & the system auto-notifies them of assignments by text, email and app.
  • With games subject to change at short notice, you can pass a lot of control to your teams/clubs to manage their own schedule (reduce workload but keep overall control of schedule).
  • Overall Stats Leaderboard (by competition, and by age grade), discipline & injuries. Stats can be tracked by team or by individual player.
  • We build cell & tablet responsive websites.
  • Membership is highly configurable (very flexible) and gives significant flexibility to each layer within your organization (shares workload).
  • ‘Split Payment Fees’ removes the need for generating invoices, chasing fees, reconciling monies and waiting for payments across your organization. All fees are taken in one transaction (as a member registers) and the fee is automatically split between bank accounts (NGB, Association, Affiliate, League, Club).
  • We can import your current member/players database.
  • All data is is stored in Europe, under stringent data protection laws.


  • duplicating work by hopping from program to program, using third party systems that DON’T REALLY INTEGRATE!
  • waiting for up to 24 hours for a team to manually return a score.
  • dealing with hard copy forms, team rosters with illegible handwriting and incorrect or missing details.
  • manually managing member upgrades, temporary/dual membership and transfer processes not automated.
  • having to contact your software provider even for small things!


If you would like to review our software, we can set up an online demo at a time of your convenience.