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One program for all your sports management.  National MembershipClub membership, Competitions and Tournaments (team registration, game, scheduling, rosters) Game Management (player stats, game stats, rosters, discipline and injuries) Referee & Umpire Management, League Apps and Websites…..

Take Online Membership and Registration the way you want!

Get more players signed up faster, conveniently and securely.

A Membership System for different levels within a sports organisation, from National Governing Body (NGB), Federation, Association, Province, College, Leagues and down to Clubs.

Members can register online from their mobile phone and from Facebook and their club Website.

Each level of your organisation can manage their membership as an autonomous unit, while the parent organisation has oversight of the total membership.

Membership can also be run on a standalone basis i.e. League Membership, Federation Membership and Club Membership.

National & Association Membership and Registration

Club Membership

Are you fed up organising your Referees and Match Officials by hopping from one software program to another?

Do you find yourself using a referee / umpire scheduling program, google calendar, text message software, filling in scores manually. Recording expenses in excel?

Would you like a system that shares data across one platform, reducing your workload, eliminating duplication and making your administration more efficient?

SportLoMo combines powerful referee and umpire scheduling with league management.

Automatically notify all match officials of games, and official roles in each game by email and SMS text messaging.

Assign Referee, Check availability, Notify Officials, Allocate Games, Return Scores by SMS or App, Manage Discipline and Injuries.

Record Expenses, Assign Roles Grades & Qualifications to Officials.

Share referees, umpires, officials across other regions

Referee, Umpire and Game Officials Scheduling and Management

Record discipline and injury, link to player, game and team roster....

Discipline can be run as part of our Competition Management or it can be linked to our Team Sheet / Team Roster module.

Record infringements / infractions by mobile phone, add directly to a player’s record and a specific game.

Ability to record, manage and view goals, points, assists, tries, turnovers, runs, innings, yellow cards, red cards, fouls, code violations and re-grading.

Record injuries, return to play protocols, attach medical documents to players & more.

Understand your player numbers and participation levels....

Generate reports/graphs by gender, age grade, competition level, region, participation etc. Helps to measure the effectiveness of how your resources are deployed.

Great for operational reviews, lots of useful data for Development Officers and increasing participation numbers.

One SportLoMo client has a full playing history of over 40,000 players for the last five years. This data is graphed/charted for ease of viewing. It gives the parent body a very detailed view of participation and geography and other parameters.

data analytics screenshot

Fed up spending your weekend on the computer inputting data?

We understand the ‘workload’ and ‘pain points’ of our users, from grassroots volunteers to fulltime federation staff.  Our mission is to make your life easier, save time and make you look good.

You don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer managing your games all weekend as data is inputted in real time by SMS, App, coaches, officials, referees, officers – sharing the workload.

We do all the setup work. Many of our users are volunteers and we are happy to reduce their work load.

We guarantee to have you confidently up and running in no time.

Our online Competition Management is the best in the industry (humble…not)...

Our technology boasts a high level of automation, but is simple to use.

Your Competition Secretary, Commissioner, Officer, League Administrator is fully in control.

Modules are integrated with our Referee Management.

Publish real-time schedules, stats and standings to your website.

Electronic game, player and team management game stats, tournament manager, team registration, team sheets, rosters, player stats, player history, discipline and injury, participation data analytics – we have it covered.

View league and association management

Live Scoring is our speciality. We have a unique and smart scoring system....

Automated Scoring is a core feature of our Competition Management. Scores are official and accurate using our software.

Match scores are returned to Sportlomo using a unique ID text message – you just fill in the score – it couldn’t be simpler.

The system only recognises scores from approved scorekeepers. Also scores can be returned by our new ‘Results App’.
As a score is returned, the system automatically (in realtime) recalculates and updates standings and tables. It publishes all this data immediately to the league database, website, twitter and app.

Typically match results are returned within minutes of the final whistle – often from the side of the pitch / court.

More Realtime Scoring information

Create and run a full tournament in minutes.....

A tournament system that allows a tournament director to set-up a full schedule in a matter of minutes (Club Tournaments, Open Tournaments, Blitz etc).

Define how many venues, over how many days you wish to run the tournament, specify time slot, required minimum break times for teams between games, add in seeded teams, brackets and many other options.

SportLoMo Tournament system will create a full schedule, automatically progressing teams to the knock out stages and publish all your draws and matches to your website (automated).

You can have as many knock-out draws and round-robins per event as you like. Consolations and playoffs are also supported.

Combine with our other integrated modules such as Online Registration Software (take payments online), Referee Management, Automated Scoring System (match results returned by SMS text or app).  Returned results will automatically recalculate and update league standings and round robin standings.

Also assign and manage Court / Pitch availability.
Unlimited Players, Unlimited Events, Unlimited Matches and Draws

What else is going on?

Integrated solution across modules. Can be used standalone also.

Realtime data, multi-lingual and multi-currency.

We can easily bring (migrate) multiple years of previous membership data to our platform ensuring you have access to historical data.

Our key focus has been to make the platform highly configurable in order to allow flexibility for a range of different sport organisational structures.

Have you ever thought to yourself….

I can’t believe running this league or tournament is taking so much time… my whole weekend is gone!

Ask for a Demo……because 90% of people join after experiencing SportLoMo

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