A Sports Software Platform used by leagues, associations, referees, clubs and national governing bodies to manage 1000’s of sports competitions in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Emirates, New Zealand & More

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All your Sports Needs Managed on the One Software Platform!

A Multi-Lingual Software Platform for Amateur Sports

Headquartered in Ireland. A Sofware Platform which provides tools and solutions to sports in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Emirates, New Zealand and more. Our cloud software is fully integrated across competition management, registration, membership, referee management, game scheduling, stats, rosters, apps, websites and more. Book a demo.

All-in-one, fully integrated Solution

A Technology Solution used by National Governing bodies, Federations, Associations, Provinces, Colleges, Referees & League administrators.  Manage membership, competitions, auto-schedule games, collect results, update league standings, player & game stats, team panels and websites in realtime. All on the one platform. View our users.

LIVE Scoring and Game Smartphone App (Realtime Data)

SportLoMo boasts a high level of automation, such as LIVE scoring from the side of the pitch by SMS or Smartphone App, Mobile responsive website with LIVE data, integrated SMS messaging, email, twitter…  All data is managed & distributed in REALTIME via the web, app, email, RSS feeds, print & social media.

Reduce your Workload, Save Time, Promote your Sport

Fed up of spending your weekend on the computer inputting data? We understand the ‘workload’ and  ‘pain points’ within amateur sport. Our mission is to make your life easier, save time and make you look good. A robust technology platform that is simple to use. Book a demo today.

Interested in a Sports Business Opportunity?

Have you good contacts in sport?  We are interested in exploring opportunities with leagues, associations, business partners, entrepreneurial individuals, sports media, and franchisees. View our 1 minute video below.


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I can’t believe running this league is taking so much time… my whole weekend is gone!