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SportLoMo has two apps, a Game Management App used by Admin and Scorekeepers.  The second Live Scoring App displays live scoring, game schedules, tables, standings, team rosters and latest news.

Sportlomo Association, League and National Apps

Sportlomo Scoreboard Apps JPL, Soccer and Rugby examples
Sportlomo British Columbia Rugby Scoreboard App

Put your sport in the ‘Pocket’ of your players and fans.

The Scoreboard app can be sponsored by a brand.  Ideal opportunity for a brand to connect with local sports fans. Provide league’s with their own personalized live scoring app with useful data.  App is  accurate and official.

  • Live scoring, up to the minute Game Schedules.
  • Tables / Standings are calculated and displayed in realtime.
  • Receive Score Notifictions for your favourite team.
  • View Team Rsoters / Team Line outs / Panels before a game on app.
  • Save your favourite club, team, competitios for quick look up.

SportLoMo Game Management App


Referee, Umpire, Game Officials App. The app only accepts / recognizes data from approved admin, referees, umpires and team managers. This ensures ‘accurate and official’ data to your app (no gaps in your scoring system).

  • Assign Game officials, Referees, Umpires to games, events, races etc.
  • Auto-notify individuals of assignments / roles by app and emails.
  • Officials accept / reject assignments and view their upcoming assignment (games) schedule.
  • Officials return scores, cards, infringements, stats & match reports.
  • Officials can record Player and Officials Game Incidents 
  • Create match reports and add attachments with them.
Referee and Game Officials App
SportLoMo Mobile App

Coming Soon: The SportLoMo Mobile App

The SportLoMo mobile app is currently in the development process and will soon be available to all players, coaches, parents and club admins using the SportLoMo software. The app will include a range of different features with the intention of making your sport as simple as possible to manage and keep up to date with. 


    App Features:
    • Check your club fixtures and results through the app and add your favourite teams and competitions to your favourites for quick and easy access!
    • Use the app chat feature to keep up to date with your team; receive messages and event invites from coaches.
    • As a coach, you can send attendance requests for training and different club events through the chat feature. Easily keep count of who can and cannot attend.
    • As a coach, record player attendance for different events or training sessions in our ‘teams’ section of the app.
    • Register and pay for club memberships.
    • Keep up to date with your clubs news through the app news feature!
    • Improvements and new features will be added on a continuous basis.
    • App will be available on both Android and IOS app stores.
SportLOMo integrated communcations system

communicate with all stakeholders

SportLoMo has an integrated email, notifications, website & app system.

Facilitates individual, group and automated communications

Communication is integrated across the platform and used by all layers of the organization from National Governing Body level to clubs. Communication functionality can be enabled for all/part of your users (permissions) including marketing / opt out.

Layered Communications

Clubs can only contact their members; regional admin can contact all members in clubs affiliated to their region, provinces contact provincial members and head office can contact all members.

Security and Privacy

Our communications comply with anti-spam laws e.g. opt out of emails, flag individuals who opt out, exclude persons etc.

Data Communications

Results, Scores, tables, Standings, stats, game schedule communicated to interested individuals by twitter/API feed to website and automated emails.

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