membership & Registration

Online Registration for National Governing bodies, Federations,
States, Provinces, Associations and Leagues (and clubs).

10 Reasons why we have member registration nailed!

Membership is fully integrated across the system

Membership is integrated with competition / game  management, learning management, events etc. Each level of your organisation can manage membership as an autonomous unit, but yet gives the parent sports body oversight of the total membership.

  • Membership / Team Registration
  • Club Registration / Sanctioning & Affiliation
  • Tournament & Competition Registration
  • Event and Priority Registration


Multi-lingual, mange multi- member roles, link family members, take split payments. Handles dual / temporary membership, member upgrades, transfers, early birds, discounts, cash payments……

Highly flexible

Take recurring payments. Manage Wait Lists, Priority bookings, Refunds.  Import existing database,  Communication / Notifications module. Take Club registration & sanctioning fees….

Management & Governance

Member Management Dashboard & graphs, 100’s reports. Extensive Search filters, easily change your sport structure / region, relationship mapping…..

Suisse Rugby and Netball Alberta Canada Registration systems

Suisse Rugby Registration Portal on SportLoMo
Netball Alberta Canada

Why our Sports Love Split Payments!

Split Payments – our most popular feature

Take Membership, Affiliation, Insurance and Club fees all in one transaction across your organisation. As a fee is paid it is instantly split and distributed across your organisation,  (Only one transaction on payee’s credit card).

  • All Monies go directly into your Sports’s Bank Accounts.
  • No awaiting payments, no invoicing, everyone paid up to the minute.
  • Clubs can take their own Club fees independently.

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