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Volleyball, Rugby, Snow Sports, Netball, Schoolboys Football (Soccer), Leinster Rugby & Basketball

Dublin & District Soccer League - largest Schools League in Europe

Largest School Boys / Girls Football League in Europe

Dublin & District Soccer League join SportLoMo  read more

The European Rugby Sevens at the European Games was run on SportLoMo's Tournament module in Kraków

European Games & SportLoMo

The European Rugby Sevens at the European Games was run on SportLoMo’s Tournament module.

Volleyball Canada Featured May 2022

Volleyball Canada Featured 2022

One of the leading Sports Organizations in Canada – numbers expected to grow to 100k participants.

Digitising your sport, tips and tricks from a software provider

Digitising your Sport - tips and tricks

Presented by SportLoMo at Rugby Europe Conference in French Rugby National Centre.

Rugby Canada Case Study

Rugby Canada run a Top-Notch Organization

Rugby Canada, BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI

Alberta Netball Canada Featured

Featured Alberta Netball Canada

Sept 2022, Customer Spotlight on Netball in Canada.

36 Rugby Europe nations commence registrations Jan 2021 on Sportlomo

Rugby Europe 2022

36 Ruby Europe member nations commence registering on SportLoMo Jan 1st 2021.

Volleyball BC Canada Case Study

Volleyball BC Canada Implementation

Volleyball British Columbia Canada began using the SportLoMo platform in 2019. Overview of phased implementation.

Basketball Ireland Stats and Player Leaderboard

Basketball Ireland Stats & Leaderboard

Basketball Ireland Profile: league management, game/player stats all displayed on realtime website.

Snow Sports Scotland UK Case Study

Snow Sports Scotland

Customer Spotlight on Snow Sport Scotland. On the 19th July 2019, Snowsport Scotland launched its new SportLoMo online membership, qualifications, credentials and events management system.

Junior Premier League Football, Elite Youth Soccer UK

Junior Premier League (Soccer) bridges the gap between grassroots youth football and professional academy football.

National Schoolboys Football association of Ireland

National Schoolboys Football Association, Ireland

Schoolboys Football Association (Soccer) caters for close to 100,000 players from more than 1,000 Clubs.

Return to sport in new normal

Safe Sport in 'New Normal'

6 ways to meet the requirments for a return to in-person training and competitions. Tips & best practices.

Ireland Rugby from grassroots to governing body

Ireland Rugby

From Grassroots Rugby to Governing body, IRFU, Leinster, Munster, Connacht, Ulster.

Leinster rugby interview with Competitions Manager

Interview Leinster Rugby

Interview with Dermot O’Mahoney, Leinster Rugby, Domestic Competitions Manager.

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