innovative pricing

Spread your software costs, add new additional revenue streams.  We work with you to offer different pricing models by leveraging your sport’s allegiance and brand.

Amateur sports can access excellent technology at an affordable price

We understand that price is very important to grassroots sports.  Our approach is to give you a fixed price in advance. We are very clear that we wish to avoid additional costs for our sports once we commence a project.

In order to give you a cost we need to understand the size of your organization (level of support you will require) your software needs, do you want to use competition management, just want member registration, require a website and so on.

New features are continuously added free at the request of our sports (future-proof your software).


Different pricing models and revenue opportunities…

Registration and Split Payment Fees

Various license and ‘split payment’ fee pricing models. Fees can be paid / part-paid by by member, registrant, participant, association. 

Club Services

Club pay for their own services and transaction fees.  Club Websites with API’s.


Your sponsor(s) can activate their sponsorship by engaging with your grassroots supporters with new and useful media opportunities.


Headline Digital Sponsor provides digital services to grassroots leagues / clubs / fans i.e.
Branding & Advertising Real-estate.
Membership Registration Portal (branded).
Automated Page-Ready results (API feeds) to Newspapers & media.

API live sports data feeds


Provide realtime data feeds to league, association, club websites (scores, schedule, tables, standings, stats) branded by Sponsor. View Website Portfolio

Scoreboard Apps

‘Put your brand in the ‘Pockets of Fans’ Sportlomo can provide you with your own personalized Scoreboard App which you can offer to your sponsors. Scoreboard App

How and why is our technology priced attractively?

No over-inflated solutions

We don’t do one-size fits-all, over inflated solutions, annoying bells and whistles and charge for every modification.

New Features are Free to our Users

We constantly incorporate requests from our customers for new features, at no extra cost (future-proof your software).

Highly Customizable Platform

Designed to have huge flexibility in order to cater for wide variety of sports needs/structures.

No additional cost for adding new users

If new users come on board in your organisation, they will be automatically facilitated at no additional cost.

Transparent price - no hidden extras

We do not give a price and then add in a plethora of chargeable “extras.” We assess your needs, make recommendations while working within your budget, agree a price and stick to it.

Free of Charge Upgrades and Support

All our upgrades are free of charge. Also we offer free phone, email, confluence, zendesk and online calls support.

Our Customers

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