Spanish and Mandarin / Chinese have now been added as options for users on our platform.  German will be added at the end of May.

These are in addition to our current offering of English, French and Portuguese.


Dual Membership

Members can now be an active member in more than one club. e.g. members can coach in one club but play with another.

There is an approval process in place from the Club and Province before confirming dual membership.


Temporary Membership or Upgrade a Member

A new option to purchase a temporary membership or upgrade to a premium package.

Using the new ‘Upgrade’ feature, an administrator can configure membership options to allow a member to upgrade, and the system will automatically calculate and charge the differential between the original fee paid and the new membership fee.


Expanded Member Discounts

A discount code can be used as a one off code, or can be used a specific number of times.

  • The discount can be a % of the membership fee or it can be a fixed amount.
  • Discounts are tracked and recorded against the membership it was used to purchase and will be included in the reporting module.


Receive Email Notifications when New Members register and Transfers are requested

Clubs, Leagues and National Governing bodies can configure when they want to be notified of a new member registering, or if a member requests a transfer in or out of their club.  Each administrator can configure at what point in the process they wish to be notified.


Referee & Match Official Management (Competition & Game Management)

Assigning Match Officials to games.

Administrators / Assignors can now decide if they want match officials to indicate ‘what days they are unavailable’ OR ‘when they are available’ to officiate games.

Also match officials can quickly save ‘repeating days of the week / times’ that they are available. When assigning officials to games, officials will be marked in red if they are not available on a day / at a given time.


Customer Support Call Centre: CANADA

In March 2018, Sportlomo set up a customer support call centre in Toronto, Canada. The customer support call centre supports French and English speaking users and is available 24×7 to help users register on our platform.