Clubs and Leagues are now offering lots online purchases

Coaching courses, season tickets, camps, academies & dinner dance tickets, fundraisers

Sportlomo has added a new module to allow sports organisations to offer ‘Sports Events, Tickets and Fundraisers’ for saleClubs find this new addition to the SportLoMo platform a particularly efficient and easy way to collect fees.

Sports can now offer events for sale, control when the events are available to sell, set pricing and maximum numbers available for sale.  In real-time administrators can view details of who registered for which event; number of items sold/unsold and how much money has been collected – very useful for oversight of an event or fundraiser.

Administrators can set a maximum number of items that may be purchased by an individual, the overall number that is available for sale, the price and the date the event is available for sale (from and to).  The administrator can also attach an image to represent each event.

Ex-pats and fans are now able to easily contribute to fundraisers, purchase supporters club activities and tickets online.  This is an excellent means of reaching out to absent fans and ex-members and offering them an opportunity to support their team, club or league.  This is especially useful for attracting overseas support.

Screenshot of Event for Sale setup

Purchasing of events is linked to the SportLoMo Membership system, so an administrator can decide if an event can only be purchased by an active club member (in a certain category) or can be offered with no restrictions to the general fan base.  Club Membership;    League & National Membership

Before the user makes their final purchase, the system calculates the total fee based on the event price and event processing fees (bank and credit card fees and Sportlomo processing fees).  A breakdown of all fees is displayed to the purchaser and will prompt them for their card information (card information goes directly to the payment provider unseen by Sportlomo or Clubs).  Sportlomo records that an event has successfully been paid for and sends a confirmation email to the purchaser and the club administrator.

If you think your sports organisation might like to hear more about ‘Sportlomo Membership & Events’ please contact