SportLoMo GDPR Privacy Policy updated May 2018

SportLoMo is very keen to ensure our customers are fully aware of what data we have collected about our registered users, registered members and anyone who uses our software platform. GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect on May 25th 2018 drives our policies in regard to data protection and data privacy.

To continue using our service, we ask that you read the following information.

If you have any concerns about any of the information, you can contact us at

What personal information does SportLoMo hold about you.

  • To open an account with Sportlomo, the minimum information we require is your name, your email and your mobile number. This information allows you as a member to re-set your username and password when you wish to access your online account.
  • If you are an administrator on our platform, we will also be aware of the sport you are associated with, and the sporting organisation you are responsible for or have an administration role with.
  • If you carry out a function in your sport such as a match official, coach or other role that requires access to one of our administration pages, we will be aware of what roles you undertake with your sport (Match official, Result official, Player, Administrator etc).
  • Your password is encrypted, so we cannot give it to anyone, we can only reset your password should we be requested to do so by you.
  • Storing your email and mobile (cell) phone gives you the ability to reset your password at any time you wish, should you have any concern about anyone accessing your account. We strongly advise that you do not share your user name or password with anyone.  If you are the primary administrator, and you would like to give other officers access to your administraton panel, you should create a stand along account using the “Child user” feature. This allows you to determine what links other administrators in your organisation can access.
  • If you have used the SportLoMo platform to make a payment for membership registration or to purchase access to events offered for sale by a sports organisation or an association using our software platform, it is important to know that your payment details are not stored by SportLoMo.
  • All payment information is encrypted and passed directly to the financial institution processing the payment and at no point are the details of your payment method stored by SportLoMo.
  • The only information we do store relating to the payment transaction,
    • Information relating to the service (Membership / Event / Other purchases) that you made on the platform.
    • The payment method used.
    • The amount paid.
    • The organisation you purchased the service from.
  • If you used a card to make a payment, we retain the last four digits of the 16-digit code on your card. This information is not sufficient to make any future payment, but it does facilitate a search to be carried out if you are trying to identify / search for details of what was purchased as part of a transaction.
  • As a SportLoMo Customer / Registered Member, we do not pass your information to anyone else. We only use your information to communicate with you, to send you information about services you have registered to use on our platform, updates we are making to our platform, and news that that we believe is relevant and may be of interest to you.
  • All of the data stored in the SportLoMo platform is stored in the Amazon Data Warehouse, which is based in the European Union, and complies with the strictest regulations in regard to data protection and security protocols. For more information on the hosting environment you can visit
  • SportLoMo is registered with the Data Protection commission as a Data Controller and as a Data Processor.

Should you wish to remove your information, you can do so by emailing or you can call our offices at +353 9490 26663.

If, as a sports administrator, you would like to find out more about your obligations to your members, you can read some high level guidelines. Please note that this is not legal advice, it is simply a high level overview of your obligations READ HERE