SportLoMo are actively working with our customers

Preparing for the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and the resumption of sport.

Are you prepared for the lifting of Covid restrictions on your sport?  Do you need to collect membership quickly and efficiently? Reactivate events, contact officials, reschedule competitions?

New Attendance Tracker Contact tracing Covid app

While we are aware that large scale sports events with full stadia may be some time away yet, many of our sports are working with us to help them be prepared to get back up and running quickly.  To help our customers with this process we have expanded some features and enabled more new features.

Accept/Renew Members

Run new queries in our Notifications module.  Efficiently identifying lapsed members, people who have not renewed their membership and people who were previously signed up to events that were postponed.  All of these groups can be accessed / contacted by using the “Search Criteria” in our Notifications module.

Postponed / Cancelled Events

You can make these events active for registration again in our Events Module. Simply update the dates to reflect the new date of the event and make it available to your clubs, or to the public.  Allows people to register again.

If you had people already registered, you can contact them by clicking into your event and selecting the “Contact Attendees” at the top of your page.

Contact Match Officials

To contact your officials, you can use the multiple search criteria to find umpires/referees and game officials.

Notifications Module

If you would like to email your officials, you can do so using our Notifications module. You can filter by officials that have been assigned to specific games, specific competitions, in a specific date range and more.

Assigning Games to Officials (Game Management App)

When your game schedules are set up in our Competition Module, you can notify all officials of assignments and they can use the SportLoMo Game Management app to accept their assignments and return scores.


Do you need to collect membership quickly and efficiently?

Are you using our Membership Split Payments (our most popular membership feature)?

Governing body, state, region, league and club can collect registration fees from a member – all part of one single payment.  Ensures that each layer of the organization gets their fees immediately.

What are Split Payments?

As a member registers online the registration fee is automatically split at source and deposited directly into each bank account (national, province, affiliate, club etc). This results in one transaction on a member’s credit card.

  • Members see full breakdown of purchase and can pay on their phone/tablet.
  • Each layer of the organization has flexibility to set their own portion of the overall registration fee and each club can specify what they are offering for sale, and at what price.
  • No invoicing or awaiting fees from clubs or regions. Everyone is paid up-to-date.
  • Detailed financial reports facilitate bank reconciliation at each level.

Assistance for Existing and New Customers

If you require any further assistance as you prepare to recommence your sport after Covid-19, don’t hesitate to contact our team at

If you are not an existing customer of SportLoMo but would like to find out more about our Member Registration, Competition Management, Learning/Qualifications Management, Match Official Management or payment platform contact or visit our website