Mayo-based sports software start-up Sportlomo is to create 25 new jobs

Following a funding round of €270,000 from western-focused angel syndicate WxNW and Enterprise Ireland.

Sportlomo develops software for the efficient administration of amateur sports. The software is used by clubs and associations in Ireland, the UK, North America, Canada, Portugal and the UAE to manage the data of sports players and organisers of 52 sports organisations.

The new roles will be in the areas of software development, support and sales as Sportlomo continues to grow its presence in Ireland, as well as the UK, US, mainland Europe and UAE.

Sportlomo was founded by Seamus Kyne and Vivienne Lee. Its software focuses on ‘grassroots’ sports and promises to reduce time spent on administration, using a cloud-based solution that allows administrators to track game schedules, collect results and manage fixtures.

As well as administration, the software also enables advertising and sponsorship opportunities for brands looking to specifically target a sporting audience. Brands can access more than 200 sports websites through Sportlomo – including governing body, league and club sites.

“Our software streamlines administration for all of the top amateur sports in Ireland. We have demonstrated the efficiency of our software at home in Ireland and now we are ready to take the company to the next level,” said Kyne.

“This angel investment has not only given us the funding to grow and employ 25 new staff members, but WxNW also provides us with the experience, network and expertise to grow our business and reach new customers all around the world.”

WxNW is the latest angel syndicate to be established as part of the Halo Business Angel Network and indicates the growing focus on start-ups in Ireland’s regions rather than solely cities like Dublin and Cork.

‘By pooling resources and reducing risk we can continue to connect angels with innovative growth companies throughout the country’

WxNW syndicate founder John Mullen said: “We believe that Sportlomo has developed a truly innovative sports administration solution, with huge potential for implementation in a range of sports around the globe.

“WxNW is committed to attracting angel investors who are dedicated to giving start-ups based around the western seaboard the opportunity to grow. As a platform, WxNW enables investors to meet with high-potential start-ups, diversify risk and increase the chances of gaining significant returns on their investment.

“This is a great time for business angels looking to invest in the west of Ireland, as we are seeing some very innovative export companies emerging,” Mullen said.

A recent study conducted by HBAN showed that there was an annual increase of 44pc in angel investment between 2008 and 2014.

A report this week suggested Dublin attracted 7pc of Europe’s angel investment funding between 2014 and 2016.

“Angel investment is continuing to play a crucial role in securing the development of high-potential start-ups in Ireland,” said Orlagh Nolan from HBAN.

“The number of homegrown angel investors has surged in the last number of years and research has shown that syndication achieves better results for both companies and investors.

“By pooling resources and reducing risk we can continue to connect angels with innovative growth companies throughout the country.”

Editor John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist.