Overview of a typical SportLoMo National Registration System

  • Allow participants to register with their Club, Region, Province and National Organisation.

  • Allow  for  the  online  collection of monies (paid in full at time of transaction, scheduled payment plans or offline payments) to be distributed between organisational levels (divide payments).  Support a refund process should it need to take place.

  •  Robust and flexible  financial and  membership reporting at  each organizational  level updated in real time.

  •  Support  a number of languages throughout the registration  platform (Multi-Lingual).

  •  Provide several  levels  of  permissions  to  isolate  the  various  roles  of  governance  found  at  the  club,  regional,  provincial  and  national  levels.

  •  Allow  each  organization  to  actively  communicate  (email,  SMS, HTML or personal messaging) to their members through the registration system.

  •  Allow  for  a  member  to  register  in  multiple  registration  categories  within  the  same  registration year.  Example: Senior Player, Coach, Referee (three roles).  Link family members (Parent and Minor).

  •  Bring multiple years of previous   membership data (imported) into a person’s registration  profile  and  be  viewable  by  the  associated  organization(s).

  •  Provide the National Governing body and Regional body  with up to date  information  on players (participants)  so  they  are able to provide  both  quality  and  efficient  services  in  both  defining  and  delivering  their events  in accordance  to  by-laws, privacy  and  policy  laws of the country.

  •  Generate reports/graphs by gender, age grade, competition level, region, participation etc. Helps you to manage your sport and measure the effectiveness of how your resources are deployed.

  •  Sportlomo provides  implementation,  configuration,  testing,  training,  support  and  maintenance services.

National Registration & League Registration System

Club Registration System