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Basketball Ireland Player stats per season

Individual Player Basketball Stats

In the screen shot below, you can see that SportLoMo has the ability to track very detailed statistics down to individual player level – the potential to drill down to this level of detail will in time give a governing body the potential to track in detail its high performance players, its players suitable for development to national teams.  This specific example is taken from the Irish Basketball association- a sport known for its detailed player statistics. Making this functionality available to club level can greatly enhance the amount of data available over time.

Basketball Player Individual Stats


Top Five League Leaders, Points, Rebounds, Assists, and Steals per game.  Recorded on Sportlomo Platform.  See Basketball Ireland example below.

Top 5 Players

Some Game Stats recorded on Sportlomo across multi-sports:

Red Card, Yellow Card, Green Card, Blood Rule, Substitution, Blocks Against, Fouls Against, Double Double, Member ID, Player ID, 2 Pointers Made, 2 Pointers Attempted, 3 Pointers Made, 3 Pointers Attempted, Free Throws Made, Free Throws Attempted, Rebounds Offensive, Rebounds Defensive, Assists, Turn Overs, Steals, Blocks For, Fouls For, Mins Played, 2 Pointers Percent, 3 Pointers Percent, Free Throws Percent, Field Goals Made, Field Goals Attempted, Field Goals, Rebounds, Total Points, Field Goals Percent, Goals Scored, Penalty Corner, Penalty Stroke, Drop Goal, Try (5pts), Penalty, Conversion, Tackles Made, Tackles Missed, Penalty Conceded, Free Kick Conceded, Turnovers Won, Turnovers Conceded, Handling Error/Knock On, Passes Delivered, Errors From Kicks, Penalty Try, Penalty Saves (option to add your own stats).

Scotland Basketball, UK SportLoMo Client

Scotland Basketball uses SportLoMo for Competition Management, Referee/Umpire Scheduling and Website Design.  View Scotland’s their new mobile friendly website: Scotland Basketball, Governing Body Website and Caledonia Pride Womens Team websites go Live.

View Basketball Ireland website designed by Sportlomo.

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