Snowsport Scotland has deployed SportLoMo’s Membership, Qualifications and Event Management system. (launched 12th July 2019).

Snowsport Scotland announce SportLoMo Membership, Events, Qualficiations system


“SportLoMo Goes Live

On the 19th July Snowsport Scotland launched its new membership, qualifications and events management system on Sportlomo.

After 6 months of development work, building additional functionality to meet our needs we are delighted to see this product finally deployed to our membership. Sportlomo comes with a strong pedigree for delivering end to end sports solutions for large sports federations and governing bodies. With tens of thousands of users concurrently online at any one time, we know we have bought into a solid platform that will support our administrative functions for some years to come.

Now that the basic membership system is live, the SSS team look forward to bringing new functionality and benefits to the membership over coming months. Watch this space.”

Snowsport Scotland Website 13th July 2019


In conjunction with the new system an extensive, mobile friendly website was developed by SportLoMo for Snowsports.  Attractive looking website with all the beautiful pictures.  Skiing in Scotland looks seriously tempting!

Snowsport Scotland announce SportLoMo Partnership

Pièce de résistance…..

Newly adapted Online Learning Management Module (Credentials + Qualifications) launched in tandem with Snowsport Membership & Events.

Credentials and Qualfications SportLoMo learning module

Sportlomo Online Learning Management Platform