Alison, Lisa and Tom, Netball Northern Ireland visit SportLoMo

Netball Northern Ireland visit Sportlomo Offices

Our good friends from Netball Northern Ireland paid us a visit in our offices to look at the new features we can offer for next season.  Long journey down, hopefully Netball NI found it of benefit.

Alison, Lisa and Tom, Netball Northern Ireland visit SportLoMo

Great to have a visit from Alison, Lisa and Tom.   Netball NI is a long-term client of SportLoMo – looking forward to continuing to work with their team.

Netball NI Website

Soccer: Down area and winter football league

Latest Addition to our Soccer Lineup – DAWFL, Northern Ireland Soccer League

Latest Soccer league to join Sportlomo | Sports Manager (Software for amateur Sport)

The league (DAWFL) is based in Down in Northern Ireland.  Sportlomo has just created a brand new website for the league. The site went live last weekend.

DAWFL Website looks amazing!   Well done to Andrew Rodgers, DAWFL Secretary and his team.



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Netball Northern Ireland

European Open Netball Championship 2015

Biggest ever netball tournament outside of a world championship. 

European Open Netball Championship

Netball Northern Ireland, sponsored by Sports Manager | Sportlomo

Best of luck to @netballni this weekend in the European Open Championship. Let’s hope home advantage spurs you on.

Nine top netballing nations taking part in the biggest ever netball tournament outside of a world championships from the 14th to 17th May. 2015)

Netball Teams

Teams rom England(3rd), South Africa (6th),Wales(8th),Trinidad and Tobago (9th), Scotland (11th), Northern Ireland(12th), Ireland(28th) Switerzland (30th)  and Malta(36th), all competing across 4 days of full competition.

This event is an action plethora of fast paced netball action, showcasing the elite netball game.

Good Luck to all involved from SportLomo | Sports Manager


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