What are some of the digital tools used by our Sports Customers?


Event management software: This software helps in organizing, scheduling, and executing sports events. Examples include ticketing systems, event housing platforms, race registration systems, and event planning & marketing platforms

Athlete tracking systems: Wearable technology, such as GPS trackers and RFID chips, can be used to track athletes’ performance and movements, providing instant, impartial, and quantifiable data

Data analytics tools: These tools help in analyzing player performance, team strategies, and game outcomes. They can be used to identify trends, predict outcomes, and make data-driven decisions

Sports league management software: This software helps sports teams, leagues, and clubs organize their members, teams, games, tournaments, discipline and more

Referee, Umpire and Officials management:  Manage game schedules, referees, umpires, linesman, judge, arbiter, commissionaire etc

Virtual and augmented reality: VR and AR can be used to study opposing teams’ footage and plan better defensive strategies. They can also be used to create immersive fan experiences at sporting events

Social media platforms: Social media can be used to engage fans, promote events, and share updates about teams and players

E-commerce platforms: These platforms can be used to sell merchandise, tickets, and other related products, making participation in sports more accessible

Tools for Referees: Emerging camera technology and video tracking enable referees to make more precise calls, making game play more fair and equitable

AI and machine learning: These technologies can help improve data collection and analysis, leading to better performance and training


Have you ever taken photos at a sports event or tournament and got stuck with that  pesky refuse bin in the background, that car parked in the front of your nice photo of your Club house.  Our tip today is to try this nice AI (artificial intelligence) tool which very useful for removing an item from a photo/image.  Its a great tool, very simple and easy to use and free at the moment (Jan 2024)). Try out MagicEraser.ai 

Photo below: Paul Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Directeur général Wheelchair Rugby Canada (formerly Rugby Canada) and Calum Kyne Business Development Manager Sportlomo

A before and an after photo of a refuse bin removed using MagicEraser AI.




Rugby Canadas Paul Hunter meets with SportLoMo's Calum Kyne