US Adult Soccer Association and SportLoMo announce new Software Solution Partnership

[ Bridgeview, Illinois and Mayo Ireland, ] December 13 2023
The US Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is pleased to announce its selection of SportLoMo as its exclusive software solution partner following a rigorous evaluation process. The Association chose Sportlomo, a leading sports management software provider, for its comprehensive suite of tools which are tailored to the unique needs of National Sports Organizations and their member organizations and clubs.

This partnership with SportLoMo will support the Association’s promotion of adult soccer participation through a safe and positive playing experience.

The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is the national organization for amateur soccer in the United States, consisting of 54 state associations as well as national, regional and state leagues.

USASA will use SportLoMo’s technology advancements such as real-time player enrolment, automatic payments to state associations and clubs, track player history, reporting and analytics, risk management and referee management app. While SportLoMo’s mobile app will keep users up-to-date with game schedules, scores, news updates and notifications for events.

The SportLoMo platform has a comprehensive suite of fully integrated modules. Administrators, game officials, team officials and clubs need only input data once, streamlining administrative processes across the organization.

“USASA is excited to partner with Sportlomo to modernize our operations and provide a more user-friendly experience for our members,” said Bruce Bode, USASA Executive Director.

The organization undertook a comprehensive investigation prior to choosing Sportlomo. “A committee of USASA national and state associations, member league and player representatives, was excited to recommend Sportlomo,” said Chaz Ballish Regueiro, chair of the search committee. “It is a comprehensive registration system and database that is not only powerful, but adaptable to our needs. We believe the software can be a powerful benefit for all our members.”

SportLoMo CEO Seamus Kyne said “We are proud to have been selected as the new Software Partner for the US Adult Soccer Association”. “Our team are looking forward to supporting State Associations and helping to improve the overall experience of members and the soccer community as a whole.”

The US Adult Soccer and SportLoMo collaboration represents a significant step forward in enhancing the efficiency and overall soccer experience thus better serving the passionate adult soccer community in the United States.


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USA Adult Soccer Association

About USA Adult Soccer Association (USASA)

The United States Adult Soccer Association is the national association for adult amateur soccer in the United States. Established in 1982, USASA oversees a wide range of adult soccer programs, leagues, and competitions, providing opportunities for players of varying skill levels to engage in the sport. Through its fifty-four state associations, 220,000 players and national leagues, USASA promotes the growth and development of adult soccer at both the recreational and competitive levels, fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship. USASA is a member of the United States Soccer Federation and plays a vital role in advancing the adult soccer landscape in the United States.
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About Sportlomo

SportLoMo is a leading Sports Management platform with specific expertise in providing integrated solutions for National Governing Sports bodies, State & Regional Sports Associations and League administration level. Member registration and management, Event registration, good Governance & Safe Sports, Learning management, Communications, Competition / Player management, Scoring App, and other fully integrated modules. SportLoMo is a Multi-Lingual platform.
Media Contact: Vivienne Lee, Marketing Director, SportLoMo.