Portuguese Volleyball Federation for the 2017/2018 season.

Sportlomo has been chosen to be the new Competition and Referee Management software provider for Portuguese Volleyball Federation for the 2017/2018 season.

The new competition management system will allow fans to view results and game schedule in realtime on the Portuguese Volleyball Federation (FPV) website.  Using the SportLomo system Match Officials will return results within minutes of the final whistle by SMS text message.  As the results are returned they will be displayed instantly on the federation website.

This is possible due to the partnership of FPV and Sportlomo Portugal, the company supplying the software for the Competition and Referee Management of FPV.

SportLoMo is headquartered in Ireland and has an office in Portugal.  It is a leading provider of software to sports bodies. They work with national federations, regional associations, leagues and clubs in several countries for numerous sports including Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Netball among others.

Maria João Filipe, Director of Sportlomo Portugal:

“Sportlomo is very proud to be chosen as partner of Portuguese Volleyball, one of the most popular sports played in Portugal and in the world, with more than 43.000 affiliated players and 987 clubs in Indoor and Beach Volleyball in Portugal”

A further SportLomo feature, FPV will find useful,  is the ability to assign referees for games and manage results, by SMS and App.

The collaboration with Sportlomo will allow FPV to reach out to its target audience, from athletes, coaches, officers, public/private entities, Associations, Press to City Councils, schools and fans, while answering the demands of those who love Volleyball.

Portuguese Volleyball Federation

Maria João Filipe, Director of Sportlomo Portugal

13th April 2017