Rugby Canada Province registers 1,248 members online in one week.

SportLoMo was successfully announced as the new provider of Member Registration software to Rugby Canada in May 2017. The first member registered on the 11th August 2017.

One of the Canadian Provinces had over 4,000 members register and pay their fees online in just two months.   Early September has been the busiest month in the province for registration with 1,248 registering in one week alone (4th – 11th Sept 2017).

Rugby Canada Membership Registration and Game Management

Clubs, provincial bodies and the national governing body collect member fees in one payment transaction from the customer (Recurring payments will also be facilitated). Mobile responsive payment pages allow for easy registration, members can pay from any device and this is proving very attractive.

When the member pays their fee, the SportLoMo software automatically distributes the appropriate fees to the Club, Provincial body and the National Governing body (split payments).

In Canada, payment is integrated with Paysafe (offices in Canada, London and India). Sportlomo also use processors such as Stripe, Psi Gate, Barclays Bank and Paypal.

No Bank or Credit Card details are seen by Sportlomo or any Rugby Organisations. Bank details are totally secure and managed directly by the payment provider.

SportLoMo have successfully balanced the needs of each level of the organisation, giving autonomy to club administrators to manage the cost of their membership without the need to go to regional bodies. Simultaneously, the provincial body and the NGB can set limits and controls to ensure that their minimum requirements are met when registering members.

Giving autonomy to clubs to allow them to manage their local membership has greatly reduced workload for regional and national administrators.

All fees are paid directly to each bank account and each club, provincial user and NGB administrator has clear reports, outlining what payments have been received and from whom.

In addition to Member Registration, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Sask are integrating the SportLoMo electronic game management functionality with their member registration process. This allows team sheets (rosters) to be created with paid up members showing on the team sheets. A paper copy, if required can be printed. This fully integrated module allows team sheets to be displayed online and tracked by administrators thus greatly reducing the workload of tracking eligible players for different competitions. Over time, it also allows detailed stats for each player to be tracked and gives the player, club and NGB the ability to track game stats and player stats by team, club, region etc

Add into the mix the match official and referee management module (also in use by the above provinces), Discipline and Injury tracking. SportLoMo is providing a fully integrated sports management platform from Club through to Province and Rugby Canada.

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Canada Rugby Partner with Sportlomo Software


TORONTO, June 1, 2017

“Rugby Canada today announced a new multi-year partnership designating SportLoMo as an official supplier for the national sport organization. SportLoMo will serve as Rugby Canada’s technology supplier. SportLoMo is a leading global sports technology company, headquartered in Ireland.”

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