Club Members Register and Pay Club Membership Online

Key Features

Manage your registration the way you want!


Clubs, Leagues and Governing bodies have very different and often complex needs so we designed our Membership to be simple and extremely flexible this allows our sports to manage their registration the way they want!Set your own fees and membership type.  All under the control of the club administrator.

View National Governing Body and League Membership here

No software to install

Our platform works over the Internet using any Internet browser, tablet, phone or PC.

Transparent Fees

Payment using Stripe (Online Payment Facilitator).  Stripe power 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries.€200 annual Fee. Transaction Fees – 4% + €0.50 per Transaction. This fee includes all credit card fees and Stripe Fees.

Club decides who pays fees

Club decides who pays the fees – Example  (a) Club pays (Fees are deducted from Membership) or (b) Fees are added to Membership and paid by member.

Secure Payments

Payment will be processed using Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment processors.  Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world.

Club has FULL control over own funds

Stripe account is in the Club name, and the Club has full control over funds.No Funds other than the Transaction fees (less card fees) are passed to SportLoMo /SportsManager.

No delay receiving fees

The club can draw down the funds collected once the payment has cleared in Stripe.  No delay / waiting period.

Setup your Stripe Payment account from SportLomo

Setting up a Stripe Club account can be done easily from within Sportlomo.  You are linked directly to the relevant Stripe page.The Club simply records the club bank account details (where the money will be lodged to by Stripe).Then click on a button to register your Stripe account with SportLoMo.  As Stripe is fully integrated with SportLoMo no further action is required.

I already have a Stripe Account

Register this existing account with SportLoMo by simply clicking a button in our Admin panel and linking your Stripe account to the SportLomo Club Membership.

Bank Account details are not disclosed.

No financial information (bank details, credit card information etc) is held by SportLomo.Clubs do not see bank accounts/bank details of members.

Members can register and pay fees on their phone

Our Membership system is Mobile Phone and Tablet Responsive –  Makes it easy for your members to register and pay directly from their Mobile phone.

Run an ‘Approval Process’ before accepting members

Option for Administrators to review online payments and approve members / or decline membership.

Make refunds easily

Make refunds easily, with full traceability / audit trail.

Accepts cash, cheque, direct debit

Members who pay by cash /cheque /debit can be directly inputted by administrators.  The system will record the user name issuing the refund, method of payment, the date and time.Clear distinction  between Online payments and Cash payments in reports.

Add your own Membership Types / Create Membership Bundles / Set your own fees

SportLoMo will assist in initial set up, but the club can….·         Add membership types (Adult / Underage / Family / Social Member etc).·         Create Membership Bundles (Family memberships etc.)·         Edit Club Fees.·         Set ‘From’ and ‘To’ date – when Membership will close automatically.·         Specify what data is required from members (e.g. Club may set DOB as a required field for underage players, but it may be optional for Adult players (Club Decides!).

Ex-Pats can purchase membership and support the club.

Overseas / Expat Members can purchase membership and support the club.Fees can be accepted in different currencies via stripe.

Existing Sportlomo/ Sports Manager Users (Clubs)

Existing UsersWhere clubs have an existing website with SportLoMo / Sports Manager – we will add a Membership advert/link to your existing website.  All membership registration will be managed from your existing club admin panel.New UsersClubs will be given a link which can be added to your club website, or sent to your members by email to allow them to register.

Electronic Teamsheets

Where clubs user SportLoMo’s electronic TeamSheet Module, clubs can make members available for selection on eTeam sheets.

Offer Discounts, Early Bird Offers & Incentives

Ability to offer special offers / Discounts / Early Bird.

Club Management Reports

A wide selection of Reports available.



Import / Export Members

All Clubs can import and export existing Membership Data into SportLomo.Clubs can export membership into MS Excel whenever they wish.

National GAA Membership Registration

GAA Clubs can opt to import last year’s Membership from GAA Registration system, which will allow SportLoMo to identify your existing Members.·         SportLoMo will check for potential duplicates·         SportLoMo will allow easy update of new information for existing members (Change of email / Telephone / Address etc.)Afterwards, Clubs can export data to a file specifically formatted for direct import to GAA Database.Also export file for “New Members” for import to Database.

National Rugby Membership

We will provide reports that allow your club to Import from your National Governing body registration system and, you can also export formatted reports for import back into your National Membership System.