Background on Softball Ontario and Softball Canada


Softball is one of the largest participation sports in Canada. Over 300,000 players enjoy the sport in registered Fast Pitch, Slo-Pitch and Orthodox leagues across the country. Many thousands more learn the game in schools across the country.

Ontario Softball will launch a new website in the coming weeks.  The website has been developed and is run on the SportLoMo platform.  In March 2018, Ontario began using SportLoMo.  They commenced by asking their umpires to register online and make online payments.  Going forward, they will assign umpires to their provincial games and notify them in realtime (by SMS and email) using the platform.

Some Background on the organisation………………..


WBSC Softball Division

Softball Canada has been a member of the WBSC (formerly known as the International Softball Federation) for over 50 years. There are over 128 countries affiliated with the WBSC Division.

WBSC Americas

The entity is proposed to organize, develop and promote Female and Male Softball in a coordinated manner, in all countries of the American continent, and regulate the Pan American Softball competitions.

Currently the WBSC Americas has 28 member countries, covering from the North Pole to the southernmost point of our continent: Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos Island, United States, US Virgin Islands, and Venezuela.


Canadian Association for Women and Sport (CAAWS)

Consider that no women took part in the first modern games in 1896. Today the balance remains weighted in favour of men, but it is tilting. At the XXVIth Games in Atlanta, for example, 97 of the 271 events were open to women.

Coaching Association of Canada 

Quality coaching leads to improved performance and a better overall sport experience for young Canadians.

Canadian Olympic Committee

Independent and predominantly privately funded, the Canadian Olympic Committee delivers resources that Canada’s elite athletes need to perform at their best and give their everything every day.

Softball Ontario Logo, Governing body for Ontario, Softball Canada

About Softball Ontario

Address:  85 Scarsdale Road, Suite 301, Toronto, ON M3B 2R2, Phone: 416-426-7150,  Fax: 416-426-7150


Softball Ontario is the recognized provincial sport governing body in Ontario, Canada.

In 1971, Softball Ontario was created, bringing together the three charter member associations (Ontario Amateur Softball Association, Provincial Women’s Softball Association, Ontario Rural Softball Association) to form one provincial body to work for the betterment of softball in Ontario.  In 1992, a fourth member association (Slo-Pitch Ontario Association) joined Ontario to complete the picture.

At present, Softball Ontario is the developmental sector of the sport, by providing various technical programs for the player, coach, umpire and statistician; whereas the four member associations deal with the operational aspects of the sport through regional or zone and provincial championships.


Softball Ontario Membership Associations and Partners, Canada

Member Associations


The OASA has a rich heritage in promoting and fostering male fastball since its formation in 1923.


The Ontario Rural Softball Association’s mission is to foster and organize softball and community spirit in rural districts, communities and small villages.


Slo-Pitch Ontario has one of the largest provincial memberships in Canada.  Slo-pitch softball is one of the fastest growing adult team sports in North America. Over 2.5 million Canadians play this recreational grassroots game each season.


The PWSA has a rich heritage in promoting female softball in Ontario since 1931.  PWSA annually sends teams to Canadian Championships in all classifications offered by Softball Canada.


Home Run Sports  Home Run Sports & Big Kahuna are now Kahunaverse Sports.  Official Supplier of Umpire Equipment and Apparel to Softball Ontario.


The Role of Ontario Softball

Administers the following programs to all associations….

  1. Umpire Program
  • Offers clinics from Junior Development to Certification Levels 1 to 4.
  • Offers a yearly registration and testing program that includes insurance.
  • Offers an evaluation (on-field) program.
  • Handles the Provincial and National Competition appointments.
  • Offers rule interpretation via Zone Umpires-in-Chief.
  • Offers the Blue Symposium: an educational and networking opportunity for umpires in the province.
  1. Coaching Program
  • Offers clinics from the Learn to Coach, Community Coach, NCCP Competition – Introduction, Softball and Competition-Development, Softball.
  • Offers specialty clinics for coaches, like Hitting and Drills Clinics.
  • Offers professional development opportunities.
  1. CANpitch Program
  • Offers a six week, one hour per week instruction/training session for the FUNdamentals Stage.
  • Offers a six week, one hour per week instruction/training session for the Learn2Train Stage.
  • Offers a six week, one hour per week instruction/training session for the Train2Train Stage.
  1. House League Development Program
  • Creates and administers programs aimed at introducing the sport to new participants, including a Schools Program and Community Event Program.
  • Offers Get in the Game Symposium: an opportunity for Local Softball Associations to share best practices.
  • Offers House League Select Provincial Championships.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2016-2019 PDF….read here

Ontario works hard on driving enhanced participation (increasing the number of registered players, coaches, umpires and volunteers) and increasing domestic programs in Ontario. All this activity is underpinned by a continual increase in the number of trained and certified coaches and umpires.

Enhanced Excellence, one of the Pillars in the Strategic Plan, lists a number of goals for the organisation.

  1. Achieve the minimum of 1 Ontario team medalling in all 12 Canadian Championships.
  2. Achieve 5 Ontario athletes on all National Teams.
  3. Achieve a gold medal at the 2017 and 2021 Canada Summer Games.

Softball Canada Logo, National Governing body for Softball in Canada

About Softball Canada National Governing body

Address: 223 Colonnade Road South, Suite 212, Ottawa, ON K2E 7K3

Softball Canada National Governing body Website

The Canadian Amateur Softball Association, commonly known as Softball Canada, is a not-for-profit National Sport Organization (NSO) based in Ottawa, Ontario founded in 1965. It is recognized and financially supported by the Government of Canada as the National Governing Body for the sport of softball.  It is administered by an eight-member Board of Directors elected by the country’s 12 Provincial and Territorial Associations, and is supported by eight staff members working in the National Office.

Canada’s Coach and Umpire Development programs are recognized as worldwide leaders in the sport of softball, and all four of Canada’s National Teams (Men and Women, Junior Men and Women) are perennial medal threats in all international competitions.

With funding annually provided by Sport Canada, membership fees, sales and sponsorship, Canada targets various segments of its membership, including the very successful Learn to Play, Canpitch and Triple Play programs.


SportLoMo Softball League Software

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