Recent additions and enhancements to the SportLoMo platform

SportLoMo continues to add new functionality. Throughout the pandemic our team has worked with a number of organisations such as Volleyball Canada, USA Rugby and Ireland Rugby to support them in the rollout of new Member Registration systems and Return to Play.

Attendance Tracking / Contact Tracing / Health Attestations

This module was developed to support our customers (free module). It was initially introduced to facilitate clubs and teams track players attending training during the early stages of covid.

The module gives team coaches and clubs the ability to track and trace attendance including managing players in small groups and pods and notify players of possible exposure to covid-19.

Enhanced functionality

  • Invites players to training.
  • Request players to confirm their intention to attend.
  • Complete ‘Health Attestations’ prior to attending training.
  • Tracks individuals who actually attend the training.


Events Module

  • Now caters for Team Events (Tournament Entry) and Travel Events.
  • Integrated with organisations providing background checks for individuals working with children and vulnerable people.

Learning Management

  • Facilitates Training and Education and in the US and Canada.
  • Manages Qualifications, Accreditation, Certification of referees, coaches, and other members.
  • Learning management is fully integrated with Membership and Event Management, allowing admin to determine who must be qualified to perform certain roles or attend events.

New Management Dashboard

Create Custom Graphs to Report on Membership, Participation, Revenue


Business Intelligence, Graphs, Data Analytics and Insights

New Dashboard functionality is included in our most recent release.  Create custom graphs to report on Membership, Participation and Revenues. Filter data and breakdown under member categories, events, status, players, participation, games, season, month/year, age, gender, ethnicity.   This module is continuing to evolve.

Member Registration Revenue Graph
Participation graph on sportlomo software
Member Registration Revenue Graph

Split Payments – Our most Popular Feature

Our Split Payment functionality continues to be very popular with the ability to collect, split and deposit fees to multiple layers of the organisation from one payment.  Monies go directly to each bank account i.e club, province, national governing organisation.

Clubs can take their own club fees independently.

More Payments information

Contact us for more information on any features you think may be of interest to your organisation.